In 1997 former polo player Roberto Fernandez, combined his passions for plants with his interest in project management and created Roberto Fernandez Landscaping. Since then Roberto has been creating, building and maintaining exceptional gardens and landscaping projects for a discerning clientele.

Growing up in Argentina on his family's 56,000-acre farm, Roberto cultivated a love and understanding for plants, horses and nature. After retiring from polo, Roberto moved to Greenwich and honed his skills by managing an equestrian estate & polo farm.

Today, Roberto is one of the leading landscape contractors in the area, working closely with many of the country’s top landscape architects. Roberto Fernandez Landscaping employs a large team of horticultural experts, highly skilled landscapers & a construction crew that can handle any type of project.

Roberto and his team handpick only the best plant material possible, and once planted, his expert maintenance crews provide exceptional service, care and skill in maintaining his client’s investments. Roberto Fernandez Landscaping maintenance is a critical component to making any landscaping project grow into a mature, healthy garden.

Roberto Fernandez understands that truly great gardens demand a combination of thoughtful planning, expert execution and continued nurturing.